Black Women Read Book Club Meetup/Discussion

Thanks so much to the Black Women Read Book Club of Nashville who graciously invited me to attend their book club meetup for June.  It was a pleasure meeting this group of ladies and discussing my book.  I so appreciate all of the feedback and comments that were shared on Saturday and I intend to hang out some more with these ladies doing some additional reading and discussions.  

It made my heart glad to hear how they felt about the characters and which ones they wanted to learn more about and which ones they could relate to as well as their favorite. By far with this book discussion and the prior one that I had - Deacon Jones appeared to be everyone's favorite character.  I hope in the next book or series that I can bring the characters to life even more than this one.  Thanks again beautiful ladies and oh everyone was so rocking their natural styles - loved it!.


Check out Black Women Read by clicking the link.