Ssssshhhhh...... Why are we afraid of being TRANSPARENT?

Secrets deals with an urban church who have members who pretend Sunday after Sunday that their lives are perfect.  You know the members you meet on Sunday morning that smile and say that they are "blessed and highly favored", "God is good", We all know in reality, that absolutely no one has a "perfect life".  The Bible says, "we shall have trials and tribulations". (John 16:33)

We live in such a time of turmoil and chaos that it feels like our entire lives are just busy, busy, busy on top of just living day to day.  It used to be people would sit on their porches on Sunday afternoon with one another and share and just enjoy the day. Now, everyone is in such a hurry that it seems like we don't take time for one another any more. Work is scheduled, family time is scheduled and even church is scheduled.  In these busy times, it is easy to get overwhelmed by just living which brings me to the point of Christians, family and friends being able to share with one another.  Not only sharing with one another but being transparent with one another.  We would be surprised if we would just share our story with someone else how they may be able to help us or vice versa.

Working on Secrets gave me time to do some thinking and evaluation and I want to ask you some questions:.  

  • Why do you think that we have issues sharing with one another and being transparent with one another?  
  • What is the fear? Are we afraid of being judged?  Are we afraid of what people might think?  
  • Do you think that people in the church judge one another?  If you answered "Yes", then why?

Let me know your thoughts - I look forward to your comments.

Until next week - remember to live, laugh and love