About Alicia

Alicia has always had a passion for reading and writing.  Growing up in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee - a suburb 20 minutes outside of Nashville, Alicia has always enjoyed the solitude that comes with reading and writing.  She says her Daddy has always told her that she has champagne taste and beer money which coincides with her small-town upbringing and her love for some of the finer things in life.  Graduating from Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU)  years ago, Alicia realized her passion for writing.  She graduated from MTSU with a Bachelor of Science degree in Public Relations.  Getting married immediately after college put her dreams on the back burner - way back on the burner.

Now fast forward 30 years later, Alicia is stirring up her passion again and says politely with her southern accent, "It's my time now".  She calls this Phase 3 of her life where she gets to pursue her dreams.  I have been in corporate America since I graduated college and I have enjoyed working for Ford Motor Credit Company, First American Bank, Century 21 and currently HCA Inc. for the last 20 years but now she feels it's her time to pursue her passion. After receiving her Masters in Health Services Administration in 2013, Alicia decided to focus on her writing and photography when not working.

She says that she wants to make an impact on people through her writing and photography. She wants her gift to be used to bless others in a positive way. When she is not spending time with her husband, David and adult daughter, Megan, Alicia enjoys reading, writing, traveling and just having fun with family and friends.